Babe Ruth Farewell to Baseball Photograph and attached Signature


This is a picture of Babe Ruth’s farewell to Baseball June 13th, 1948 from Yankee Stadium. Picture by photographer David Blumenthal. This piece is an artist proof and is not numbered. This framed photogaph is combined with a Babe Ruth “cut” autograph to enhance the photo. Attached to the back of the photo is a letter of authenticity dated February 1st, 1999 signed by Donald Frangipani number RZ-2339. In his opinion, the “cut” is consistent with writing habits and individual characteristics of Baba Ruth. Also attached to the back of the picture is a letter dated November 2nd 1998 by Richard Mango of R>M Sports Cards and Memorabilia indicating that he purchased this piece at an estate sale. Value of framed picture and Ruth signature pending futher PSA/DNA authentication

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